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04 Jun 2024

Relevant advice

The Client
Omer approached us wanting to obtain a large mortgage to purchase a family home. Omer runs a successful security business and the business's profits are set to increase over the next couple of years.

The Challenge
Omer wanted a large mortgage as he had set his sights on a particular style of property in the region of £1m. His profits weren't quite at the level required to secure the size of the mortgage he was looking for and he wanted some advice on what to do.

The Solution
There isn't ALWAYS an immediate solution but having the right advice and clearly understanding the options available can help you move forward with your life plans. After conducting a full review of Omer's finances and business, we were able to show him where his business would need to be in terms of profitability before he could secure the mortgage he was looking for. This provided him with the focus on his business he needed. He was optimistic he would be approaching us in April once his most recent accounts were filed as his business had been steadily growing. However, during our discussion, I discovered that Omer had many people relying on him, not only his wife and three children, but also he employed a number of people, many of which were family and friends. Omer didn't have any life insurance and no one had ever had the conversation with him to advise him. Our recommendation was to take a Relevant Life Insurance plan which is a life insurance paid for by his Limited company and therefore an allowable expense for his company. He felt comfortable knowing that if he was to die, his family would be financially safe, and appreciated the advice.

Relevant advice

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