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Multi unit freehold block mortgages

We are multi unit freehold block mortgage experts.

Purchasing a multi unit freehold block (MUFB) can be a powerful way for landlords to grow their portfolios. At Home of Mortgages, our specialist brokers have extensive experience arranging multi unit freehold block mortgages to find the best rates for you to access the perfect financing for your property investment.

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One Mortgage –
Multiple Investment Properties.

What is a multi unit freehold block mortgage?

A multi unit freehold block mortgage is a buy-to-let mortgage designed specifically for freehold properties comprised of multiple self-contained units. By having one mortgage loan secured across the entire block, landlords can finance these types of multi unit investments efficiently.

A multi unit property refers to a single freehold asset that contains multiple residential units. There are several common configurations that fall into the multi unit category:

  • A large house that has been segmented into separate self-contained flats, often through internal walls and doorways. This converts a single home into a multi unit dwelling.
  • A structure purpose-built as a block of flats, with each flat independently accessed from shared internal hallways. This purpose-built design creates built-in multi unit accommodation.
  • A grouping of adjoining houses consolidated under one underlying freehold title. While still separate houses, the single freehold title unifies them as a multi unit block.

The key element is having more than one residential unit incorporated into the property under a single freehold ownership. Multi unit dwellings allow each unit to be let and managed individually. MUFB mortgages cater to landlords experienced in managing more complex rental properties with multiple tenants.

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Benefits of investing in a multi unit freehold block

The criteria to qualify for a buy-to-let mortgage is different than for a residential mortgage (the house you live in), but as with any mortgage type, vary from lender to lender.

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For bold landlords, multi unit freehold blocks offer great benefits compared to standard single buy-to-lets:

  • Higher rental yields – multiple units mean more rent
  • Diversification – spread of income from multiple tenants
  • Lower void risk – loss of one tenant has less impact
  • Economy of scale – cheaper maintenance and management
  • Capital growth potential on the block’s total value
  • Great for developers looking to exit development finance and retain the site for their own investment.


In addition, multi unit blocks allow accommodating different tenant types: professionals, students, or families – providing income diversification.

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Multi unit freehold blocks (MUFBs) and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) differences

While they both contain multiple rental units, multi unit freehold blocks differ from houses in multiple occupation primarily in that MUFBs consist of self-contained flats.

MUFBs: each flat or house has its own separate kitchen, bathroom facilities, entrance and tenancy agreement.

HMO: involves tenants sharing communal living spaces and amenities.

While a MUFB consolidates multiple units under a single freehold, the units themselves remain fully independent and private. This enables MUFB landlords to provide a higher level of separation and privacy for tenants while still efficiently managing a multi unit block. So the key distinction is that MUFBs deliver scale with multiple fully equipped flats, whereas HMOs offer communal housing with shared living spaces.

What properties qualify for multi unit freehold block mortgages?

There are multiple types of buy-to-let mortgages available, depending on your need.

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There are several types of properties that can be eligible for MUFB mortgages when structured as multiple self-contained units under a single freehold:

  • A large house converted into separate flats
  • A purpose-built apartment block
  • Multiple adjoining houses grouped into one freehold
  • Mixed commercial/residential multi unit buildings
  • Converted office blocks segmented into individual flats


The defining factor is having multiple units as part of the whole freehold asset, with each capable of being independently let.

The number of units as that great a MUFB mortgage can range wildly from 2 to 50 or more, depending on the lender.

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Financing options for purchasing multi unit blocks

There are a few potential financing routes for obtaining a multi unit rental property:

Cash Purchase

Ideal for landlords with large cash reserves.

Individual Unit Mortgages

Separate lending per unit. Requires multiple valuations and individual leases.

MUFB Mortgage

Specialist product financing the block as a single asset. Efficient leverage.

A multi unit freehold block mortgage provides tailored financing treating the block as one investment. This streamlines borrowing and administration.

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MUFB Mortgage Criteria

While specific criteria vary between lenders, typical requirements to qualify for a multi unit freehold block mortgage include:

  • Minimum 2 residential units in the block
  • Minimum 25% deposit or equity in the asset
  • Maximum 75% LTV loan-to-value ratio
  • Minimum applicant age of 21
  • Average of 145% monthly mortgage payments (using a stressed rate)
  • Prior experience as a landlord managing properties usually required
  • Limited company SPVs accepted

Each self-contained flat or house will need its own council tax bill, address, and tenancy agreement. Some lenders may consider first-time landlords for small 2-5 unit MUFBs.

We have access to the Whole of the Mortgage Market

Finding the best multi unit freehold block mortgage deals

As experienced brokers, we provide whole-of-market access to lenders offering MUFB mortgages.

By searching across multiple providers, we can find you the most competitive multi unit block mortgage rates and maximum borrowing.

Our brokers can quickly provide you with a free quote to see available options, so you know exactly how much you could potentially borrow. We handle submitting the full application and supporting documents to streamline financing.

Whether you are an experienced multi unit landlord looking to expand or want to invest in your first MUFB, we can guide you through the process.

Our niche expertise helps investors seamlessly access tailored MUFB mortgages to purchase these complex assets with the potential for higher yields (which can mean more profit!).

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Tips for a MUFB mortgage application

When applying for financing on a multi unit rental property, follow these tips for the best chance of mortgage approval:

  • Highlight your experience managing other rental units
  • Have accounts evidencing consistent income from your properties
  • Keep your credit score in good shape
  • Be ready to verify the source of deposit funds if not using equity
  • Have all property documentation organised for easy review

Working with one of our brokers experienced in MUFB lending can steer you through the process.

Start your multi unit freehold block investment journey

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We can send you a same-day free quote and then evaluate your situation, provide tailored financing options, and support you through to completion.

With our experience arranging bespoke MUFB mortgages, investing in these lucrative consolidated multi unit properties is made simpler.

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