Solicitors and Legal Professionals

Mortgages for Solicitors

If you are working in the legal sector, you may find that the way some mortgage providers calculate how much you can afford, seems a little unfair.

Some solicitors may, for example take on additional freelance projects or overtime withing the firm, or receive certain bonus payments which some traditional mortgage providers will not include in their affordability calculations.

Many solicitors working as sole practitioners bill on rolling credit payment terms meaning that a snapshot of income at any given point may not be a true reflection of total earnings.

How we can help

After many years of specialising in this field, we have access to a network of contacts with leading High Street lenders and financial institutions which we use to ensure that your mortgage application is dealt with by an underwriter who understands your particular employment status.

We will ensure that the assessment of your application will include earnings that properly reflect your circumstances.

Our advisors will complete all of the paperwork for you and you will also be able to see the progress of your application anytime with our on-line tracking tool.

Having helped you buy your dream home by securing the best possible mortgage deal we will advise you on how to ensure that you are able to maintain future mortgage payments should your circumstances change.

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