Equity release.

Get tax free funds from your home.

If you (& your spouse) are over 55 and your property is worth over £60k you may be able to free up tax-free cash that is tied up in your home.

Equity release works rather like a reverse mortgage. It provides cash now to spend as you wish, with the interest on the money borrowed only repaid after death or moved into long term care.

Types of equity release

Lifetime mortgage.

A lifetime mortgage is a long-term commitment which could accumulate interest and is secured against your home. Equity release is not right for everyone and may reduce the value of your estate.

Home reversion plan.

You release funds by selling all or part of your home while you continue to live in it. The property is then ‘leased’ back to you either rent-free or on a nominal rent basis.

Both options include two very important guarantees:

A guaranteed right to remain living in the property that you have released equity from, either for life or until you need to go into long term care.

No negative equity – guaranteeing that the amount needed to repay the equity release plan can never exceed the value of the property itself, meaning no debt can ever be left behind for your beneficiaries.

The amount you can borrow depends on your property’s value (minimum £60,000) and your age (you and your spouse should both be over the age of 55).

The good news is that there are some providers that do not have a maximum age limit so you are never too old to consider equity release.

At Home of Mortgages we only use providers who are members of the Equity Release Council.

It is very important to weigh up your options before deciding if Equity Release is the right choice. Call us on 020 8517 1141 today to discuss your requirements and we'll talk you through the best way forward for you.

Equity Release mortgages are arranged by Introduction only.

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