Protecting your mortgage

Mortgages are a long term commitment and we believe that we owe a duty of care to our clients to ensure that they can maintain future mortgage payments no matter what life throws at them. In this we can help you keep the home you have worked so hard to secure.

Major events such as loss of a loved one, serious illness, accident, and unemployment can all affect the household income and your ability to pay the bills.

Ideally we’d each have an emergency savings pot to see us through – many experts suggest having a rainy day fund of six to nine months’ expenditure in an easily-accessible savings account. However, that’s just not practical for many of us. And while it may give you breathing space if you fall ill, it won’t cover you or your family for long periods off work.

You should also bear in mind that the state benefit safety net increasingly won’t pay you enough to maintain your current lifestyle.

We work with you to establish your protection needs and recommend the most appropriate cover for your needs from the vast amount of protection products available.

As with all insurances – conditions and exclusions apply.