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Company Directors

Because it is common practice limited company directors to take a low salary and restrict dividend payments. many struggle to secure a mortgage, even though they’re usually well within their true budget! Whilst this is great for reducing your tax bill it’s not so great for securing a mortgage.

The unintended consequence of reducing your salary is undermining your borrowing potential. This is especially true when using the standard criteria adopted by most mortgage lenders.

If you approach a lender directly for your mortgage, they will usually ask to see three years’ worth of accounts to prove your earnings and will then calculate your potential borrowing based solely on your salary and Dividends drawn.

How we can help

After many years of specialising in this field, we have access to  a network of contacts with leading High Street lenders and financial institutions which we use to ensure that your mortgage application is dealt with by an underwriter who understands your employment status. We will ensure that the assessment of your application will now include earnings that are otherwise retained within your limited company for tax planning purposes.

This approach will allow you to borrow substantially more than if salary and dividends alone were used to calculate your borrowing.

Our advisors will complete all of the paperwork for you and you will also be able to see the progress of your application anytime with our on-line tracking tool.

Having helped you buy your dream home by securing the best possible mortgage deal we will advise you on how to ensure that you are able to maintain future mortgage payments should your circumstances change.

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